Women of Hope Circles

Circles are a small group ministry format designed to offer something of interest to every woman at the Hopewell Church of God.

No matter what your interest there is something for you . . .

. . . Circles designed to fit your schedule . . .

Circles designed for every age.

Contact Becky Millwood at (423) 478-1132 for more information.
Mary Circle: (Bible Studies)
Mary violated custom by sitting at the feet of Jesus and learned rather than retreating to the kitchen. Jesus supported her action, saying she had “chosen the better part.” What better way to dig deep into the Word than to join together in systematic Bible Studies. This small group meets each week on Wednesday evenings from 6:15 to 7:30 in classroom B. Each study runs about six to ten weeks.
Martha Circle: (Cooking/Baking/Fund Raising)
Martha was a close friend and follower of Jesus. Martha represents the traditional woman satisfied with her role in society. She saw her place as being in the kitchen. Hard working and always busy with her hands. This group is involved in preparing funeral family dinners, organizing and planning church fellowship dinners, bake sales, showers, making Christmas and Easter candy, fund raisers, etc. Meeting times and place will be announced in newsletter.
Esther Circle: (Quarterly Women’s Committee)
When we first meet Esther she is selected as one of the empire’s beauties, to be considered by the king as a possible queen. Esther was chosen as Queen and because of her faithfulness, courage, wisdom and patience she was known to be placed there “for such a time as this” to save her people. This small group will consist of several committees that will be responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing our quarterly women’s fellowship meetings from start to finish. Meeting times will be announced.
Ruth Circle: (Scrapbooking)
Ruth the Moabitess, influenced by her mother-in-law Naomi, married an Israelite and their son became the grandfather of David, in the line of Christ. Even though she is remembered for many wonderful acts of obedience and relationships, what could be greater than her contribution to the lineage of Christ. What better way to preserve our own lineage than through the artful craft of scrapbooking. This small group meets one Friday night of the month from 6:30 to midnight in the fellowship hall.
Lydia Circle: (Sewing/Quilting/Crafts)
Lydia was a well-to-do businesswoman in Philippi who became Paul’s first convert in Europe. She was known as a “seller of purple cloth”. Lydia invited the apostles to use her house as base to evangelize the city. This group gets together and enjoys a great time of fellowship while making quilts, knitting, crocheting, sewing costumes, making table skirts, making crafts etc. Watch the newsletter for meeting times.
Hannah Circle: (Young Mothers/Mother’s Day Out)
Hannah prayed desperately for a son, whom she promised to dedicate to the Lord. God answered her prayer, Hannah gave birth to Samuel. She kept her promise to God and took her child to Eli to be used by God. This small group will offer sessions on parenting helps, infant CPR, new tips for new mothers, spa day and dinner out for mother’s along with many more activities for mother’s day out. All mothers of young children are encouraged and welcomed. Meetings will be announced.
Lois Circle: (Grandmother’s Fellowship/Nursery)
Lois, the grandmother of Timothy, who with his mother Eunice, brought Timothy up to trust God. She has rightly been honored along with her daughter Eunice as a model mentor for rearing children. Lois and Eunice had a genuine faith, and they passed it on to young Timothy. This small group consists of volunteers that rock babies in the nursery during S.S. and Wednesday Evening. They serve in the nursery once every 2-3 months.
Deborah Circle: (Ministry to our military)
Deborah was the first woman judge of Israel. This title was given to individuals who served as political, military and spiritual leaders in Israel. It is clear from biblical text that Deborah’s leadership was accepted by the people of her time and that her many gifts won her a position generally reserved for men. This small group will be keeping in touch with our military with birthday cards, Christmas boxes, phone cards, etc. Also, outreach to family of military with cards and calls. Meetings will be announced.
Dorcas Circle: (Outreach to the needy and widows)
Dorcas won the affection of the Christian community in Joppa by her concern for widows and other needy people. Her death, around AD 40, led to such an outpouring of grief that the apostle Peter prayed and she returned to life. Some view Dorcas as the prototype first-century deaconess. This small group does outreach to widows and shut-ins. Food Pantry for the needy is a big part of this Circle, along with Thanksgiving basket and Christmas basket distribution. Meetings will be announced.
Coming Soon.... Elizabeth Circle: (Mentoring)
Mary, young and inexperienced needed someone to go to for counsel, so she ran to Elizabeth. This Circle of women, who display wisdom and Godly behavior will meet monthly to mentor the younger women. These women will offer Godly counsel and draw from their experience as mothers and wives. Meeting times will be announced.
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